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WELCOME to our repeater.
This repeater is located on Sunset Peak at an elevation of 5350 ft.

Our main frequencies are:
Output: 449.500 MHz
Input: 444.500 MHz with CTCSS 100.0 Hz
Call Sign: K9KAO
This repeater is probably somewhat different from what you are accustomed to.
We are a user base of many different individuals with a very wide range of ages, ideas, values, beliefs, and knowledge with a common understanding that we wanted something different then what is typically found on amateur radio.

We all wanted a place that could be called “home” and talk about any subject openly without the non-sense that often comes with having a “freedom of speech” repeater.

We are exactly that:
an OPEN repeater that is tries  its best not to censor others.

This is a repeater group where you can feel welcome and express your view on almost any subject
This does not mean that we will tolerate harassment, jamming, in appropriate language and other sources of problems for the repeater.
It also means that the repeater will not be turned OFF (censored) for the occasional F-bomb or telling W6YA to go F- himself, however expect controversy and opinions to flourish on this repeater.

We welcome different thoughts and ideas on this repeater, we also welcome honesty and friendships to form.
This is not a “HI-HI” repeater but you are certainly welcome to have “HI-HI” discussions… Just don’t be boring.

Enjoy your stay…. or at least the beating you are about to receive.